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The First Ever Commercial Release of All Original PC MIDI Music

Fugett Sound : the music and of Bob Fugett


 Sugar Loaf, NY 10981


Updated Jan 21, 2016 | By Bob Fugett

    What They're Saying: from note received 07/05/2005

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Hi Bob,

I just returned from a brief vacation and don't recall if I already thanked you for your generous gift [the CD and tape of your wonderful music] prior to my leaving for the vacation.

At any rate, I can't thank you often enough. Beyond the quality of the music, the music is also of sentimental value to me, having been a customer of Sugar Loaf for close to thirty years.

Losing my originally purchased tape left me distraught, and taught me to be more careful about allowing my students to borrow objects which I value.

Thank you so very much again —

O.B. West Milford, NJ


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