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The First Ever Commercial Release of All Original PC MIDI Music

Fugett Sound : the music and of Bob Fugett


 Sugar Loaf, NY 10981


Updated February 05, 2018 | By Bob Fugett



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#Time ESTNameComment                           Bob's Response
77747/30/2017 1:18:22 PMGuild

ISBN: 978-0-9827073-1-9

Botanical Rain:
the semiotics and history
of an enduring Endico image

See literary review
in Delaware & Hudson Canvas
by Barry Plaxen

Now available in both spiral bound and hardcover editions.

Well, isn't that special ...

A book about THE oldest existing working-artist's studio (40 years and counting) in quite possibly the oldest surviving artist enclave in the United States!

Extra thanks for continued efforts helping us avoid a situation such as illustrated in this South Park video clip:

It is midterm summer, so the newest round of pretend "artists" are finished making trouble for the local economy and are now blasting off to their next adventure where they will continue adding to the trope of an "arts community" without artists.

Maybe one of them will succeed at turning their life around and qualify for the Sugar Loaf University
PhD Program in Studio Arts.

Everybody else buckle down and get ready for the next onslaught, in which fresh arrivals will again fail at becoming the new boss same as the old boss.

In the meantime, I can take a break from explaining that we are merely watching yet another round of different players singing the same old song, and how the true Sugar Loaf artists don't take kindly to strangers coming into town (with outside grant money) to show us how we are doing it all wrong.

Why do startups always assume we are idiots (and broke) then refuse to listen to how they could get rich beyond their wildest dreams (like the rest of us) by just doing the right thing, following three simple steps:

1) make it yourself
2) open studio to public
3) keep full time hours

Maybe Botanical Rain will help them get it.

756811/20/2015 5:29:11 AMJohn FugettUncle Bob!

Just wanted you to know I am listening to Factory Preset via Spotify at this very moment. I am sure it will make it into the mix in our counseling office. Haven't heard it since I got the tape (many moons past). Hope things are going well.

Nephew John

Anchorage, AK

Things couldn't be better!

I had to look up Spotify, basically never heard of them before

Make sure you do not give them any money, as they are certainly not paying me for the distribution of my music.

At least they credited me and provided enough attribution (along with Google) for you to find this Forum.

In any case, I would judge my music too strong, requiring a good deal more careful and attentive listening, for it to be helpful as background in a generic counseling situation ... unless of course the counseling is specifically aimed at encouraging careful and attentive listening along with assiduous study of one's homework.

But I guess this is the Internet after all, so who can be sure if it is even you who posted!

74668/25/2015 8:11:05 PMCPHello Bob!

Thank you for letting us park at the Endico studio while Stacy (and you) took a bike ride, and I took a walk!

Thank Mary also for giving me your book, "Impulse and Strength".

I haven't finished it yet, but it is impressively clear and readable!

I am writing to ask your permission to write a review (including quotes from it) for the Music for People newsletter.

It will also be necessary for me to ask the editor whether someone else has already written one, as your book was printed in 1992, and I joined the organization much later!

Please advise.........Carol

Absolutely no problem with the parking.

How many times does a top flight cyclist plus Olympic physical therapist show up at one's door chomping at the bit for a ride and looking for a place to park?

And the fact that Mary let me play hookie to go out on the ride with Stacy was a bonus.

Looks like it is time to get Manon Von Uchtrup to make us one of her sweet signs stating "Cyclist Friendly" to put on our fence, so more people will stop for a ride, and I can get more time off from Mary.

Yes, you may absolutely have your way with the book; make use of it any way you like.

In the highly unlikely event it has already been reviewed by the newsletter, that will be another bonus and a hoot (more for me than for you I guess).

To help you with quotes (for copy/paste) here is a link to the online html version:

Plus the full version is available by clicking "Preview" below the cover image on the LuLu page:

And here is another way to read it, though as with LuLu it can't be copy/pasted from this version:

How about that?

The only way I could make that book any more available and free, I would have to pay people to read it, which on occasion I have ... : )

Thank you for the kind words, and thank Stacy for the great ride! -b

74437/9/2015 4:25:14 PMbetnichDid you write "Hanon by the Numbers"?

I assume you have found one of the sheets floating around out there.

1    2 3 4 5
5    4 3 2 1
Later it was:

1 * 2 3 4 5
5 * 4 3 2 1

More of a transcription, really, a companion helper page.

I have some old Pagemaker 4 files but no longer have the fonts, so I would have to reformat it a little.

I just went down to my piano and found a printout, so I will scan and post it.

Very, very useful.

This should get you started:

This page is for hands separate practice, the two handed version is a little more complex but not much.

You can get a student going on these long before they read well enough for the Hanon book.

By the time a student gets the sheet above in their hands, they probably will not need the hands together sheet in order to combine them.

I have up and down versions also, but the single sheet above was usually all that was needed.

67844/7/2014 2:39:08 PMLCHi Bob,

I just wanted to tell you that I am reading your book again, this time with much deeper attention, and it is now getting dog-eared and full of notations. It is somehow expressing gems of insight not only for my guitar playing, but my writing.

All is well with me, I am just winding up a large writing project and your book was winking at me from the shelf, and sure enough, it had just the insights I needed to re-center myself for the last portion of my project.

I will be east probably in 2015, if not sooner, so I promise to be in touch.

I mean hey, I am long overdue for a lesson!

I just bought a hard case for my guitar so I can travel with it.

Please pass hellos on to Mary. Hope all is well with you. Would love an update.

A big hug to you both, LC

Hi LC : )

Watch how lazy I can be providing an update:

And that page is only part of the trouble I am keeping myself in (it has a photo I think you'll like).

Thank you for the kind thank you; I am re-posting it into a couple forums (under the name LC) just to piss people off. -b

62847/1/2013 12:05:05 PMDorraine ScofieldHi - I was with a friend yesterday walking around Sugar Loaf for the first time and stopped into Endico.

While being blown away with her paintings, I also saw your CD's with the note that they were not actually for sale there but said I could download.

I have not done so yet (only because I'm a musician too & it felt like it would be kind of like stealing).

But I do love your sound and just wanted to communicate that to you!

All the best,
Dorraine Scofield

Well, you have said the magic words: love your sound, so you certainly have my permission to download my music.

I am sorry the CD's were not for sale in the studio, but it recently came to my attention that I only have 8 left, and the process with which I made them is not so easily repeated... long story involving gold substrate archival CD's and custom 200 year archival printing of the insert done with a printer that is no longer made, and mine is fried.

Thankfully, there is the Internet, so all is not lost.

Please enjoy the music as my special guest and forgive the couple spots where the master tapes were hydrolized by the time I digitized them.

Also, as a first time Sugar Loaf enthusiast, you qualify for a free copy of my book.

I will send you e-mail to get your physical address for sending a complimentary copy.

Extra thanks for taking the time to write and asking about the downloads.

62786/26/2013 8:49:18 PMElizabeth
Oh my gosh. I can't believe this. It has been a few years.

Do you have a Facebook page? How have you been? I remember selling Jelly-Bellies at the store. At least, I think I remember that. Please tell Mary that I said hello.

A friend of mine went to NY and she stopped by last night to tell me about the trip. I pulled up a map to show her where I lived, and the next thing I know is that I was showing her a Google Map of Sugar Loaf and telling her all about you and Mary. Then, I saw that Sylvia passed. She was a sweet lady, and I still have the rock tumbler and the rocks that I bought from her. After that, I started looking for you and Mary. Wow!

Yes, you were one of the great (jelly) beaners, and you will recall that was way before anybody ever heard of Jelly Bellies.

Now they are everywhere except here.

No need to say hi to Mary, she's been reading along.

Also no Facebook...too restrictive (and insidious) for somebody like me who effectively owns the Internet.

In fact, I always tell people my websites are for the post-tweety-face-world, a statement that will make perfect sense in time.

In the meantime a search for Bob Fugett right now will provide more than anybody should ever want to know about it today.

Since you were one of the test cases that made "Impulse and Strength" possible, where do I send your free complimentary copy?

62776/26/2013 8:43:56 PMElizabeth
Is this the Bob that taught me how to play my guitar alllllll of those years ago?

Absolutely yes, this is that Bob, but I do believe it was only yesterday, or so it seems.

I remember giving you at least one lesson at your parents house on the corner of Lake View Drive and Pines Hill Road back when I had guitar, would travel for in-home lessons.

62766/25/2013 8:54:51 PMElizabeth Censullo VanBrocklinI'm looking for Bob, a guitar teacher from Fantasy Factory, in Sugar Loaf, NY.

He was my guitar teacher many years ago.

I would love to re-connect after all of these years.

Please email me at ██.

P.S. Bob, I still play my guitar. You were an inspiration to me as a child, and I have never forgotten you.

Elizabeth Censullo

Hi Lizzie : )

This reminds me of one of my favorite new theories.

I always hear people talking about how prescient they are because of how many times somebody they were just thinking about shows up or contacts them.

I finally got aggravated hearing it so many times, so I took a few extra minutes trying to figure out why it is such a common myth.

So here's the theory: what if people's inner mind has absolutely no perception of time?

By that I don't mean a "poor" concept of time, as in I missed that appointment by five minutes because I thought I had longer, but absolutely zero concept of time, as in 10 years, 5 years, 3 minutes, it's all the same to your internal perception.

Plus things you think about as "future" might hold the same timeless space in your mind and be easily transposed to proximity with any other memory or thought (with thoughts being indistinguishable from memories at that level).

Therefore whenever anybody shows up after a long time, you might have thought about them once 7 years before, but your mind's perception (at the basic internal source) could easily transpose it to, "Man, I was just thinking about them!"

So here is how that theory works in this present context: I was just thinking about you last week, and I know exactly when.

I was finishing up one of my bicycle rides that goes by your old house.

I thought, "It is strange how I have never stopped feeling like this is the Censullo house, and they are just gone for the day."

I continued, "What is really odd is how I have the exact same thought every time I ride by here, a couple dozen times each summer, not to mention the times I drive by here in the car (many more) as well."

"Looks like Tommy just finished barbecuing. I wonder if Elizabeth is still playing? She sure was smart and talented."

So thank you for confirming my theory.

I was just thinking about you, and any time you ever would have written I would believe the exact same thing, so it's great to hear you are ok.

That means you win a free copy of Impulse and Strength, but I'll get your physical address via e-mail.


62306/12/2013 9:36:02 PMBob
Connie : )

You were right!

On page 24 of Impulse and Strength I did mention emotion in that context.

However, you will notice I at least reversed the word order: emotional and conscious became conscious and emotional.

If I were to revisit that section I would mention only "conscious" in the second instance with a parenthetical suggestion of allowing "emotional" involvement to take care of itself, because for most people conscious involvement is what requires the effort while emotional involvement is effortless and distractive.

In case somebody is wondering, here is:

3rd paragraph below "Drawing the Line".

62055/31/2013 8:02:51 PMBruce MathiesonHi Bob,

I just stumbled upon your Impulse and Strength Book - purchased it for my Kindle!

Also listened to some of your music and visited Mary's website.

It's weird and wonderful connecting like this after so many years, and by accident.

Cynthia and I are doing great. We hope you guys are too.

Our last visit to your place was when our son Ryan was about 2 years old - now he's 33.

I'm glad you are still making music and art and still in Sugar Loaf.

Hope to hear more from you.



This was not actually by accident old friend; I set the trap and have been lying in wait for this very moment.

I have a present that I have been saving for you, so return your physical address via return email.

Otherwise here is something interesting which you would find on googling "MacMurray College Bruce Mathieson" (without quotes), but here is the direct link:

Make sure Cindy has on her Depends Adult Diapers when she reads it.

And yes, everyone, this is the famous Bruce Mathieson who is one of those people that taught me how to think.

Below is an historic photo on the eve the two of us were to be purchased in a slave auction to co-ed women in the Student Union:

From left:
Bruce Mathieson
Bob Fugett

Click the image for a better view of why Bruce commanded the higher price.

550612/22/2011 6:35:39 PMLizDear Bob, Am downloading some of your wonderful music.

I think we knew each other in the 70s.

I changed my name about 30 years ago - but when I was a teenager my name was ████████████, and I took guitar lessons from you.

All is well with me - married to a wonderful man and we are very happy.

We live in SF Bay area where I'm a writer and illustrator.

If you are curious, my web site, which is under construction, but almost complete, is ████████████.

I got a guitar about 2 weeks ago (my husband started learning to play the harmonica and it got me thinking. . .).

Not having played for 30 years, I remembered our lessons. I owe you a big thank you.

You helped me get through some really rough teenage years.

So, many thanks and happy holidays! Your music is just wonderful!

All my best, ████

Hi ████ : )

Double thanks for the kind words.

At first I couldn't quite remember, because I kept thinking, "████? Maybe █████? Doesn't quite make sense, but her dad was a writer, so maybe."

Then it hit me, "Oh, ██████! I was just trying to remember her name."

"Yep, always had a back pack, hiking boots, and an old soul saunter."

Looking at your website, I have to say it doesn't surprise me in the least.


If you will allow, I would like to dump your thank you into my American Road Cycling Chatterbox, where I will add an extended explanation for the locals who will find this very strange indeed.

I will send you a special link so you can give an ok to things (such as using your old name) before toggling it onto the website.

In any case, thanks again; you've made me feel like I actually did something way back when.


53283/14/2011 1:55:00 PMMichael
Hello Bob, and hello Mary!

Bob, I am interested in obtaining a copy of Impulse and Strength.

Let me know what I can do to do this.


An old roommate who could be considered as giving Mary and me our start certainly deserves a complimentary copy.

You Impulse and Strength is in the mail.

49843/25/2010 11:08:00 PMJohnI still have the tape version of Factory Preset.

Your DVD is in the mail.

Thanks for writing.

48541/10/2010 3:19:00 PMMEmail me, Fugett. Or get me on Skype. Happy 2010. 
43767/7/2009 1:07:00 AMLinda Call for reunion info. Linda has no email.

35741/21/2009 2:05:00 PMDanielHi Bob; tried to email you but I may have an issue reaching AOL accounts.

Do you have another address?

Hope you are well

PS: Best to Mary




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