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The First Ever Commercial Release of All Original PC MIDI Music

Fugett Sound : the music and of Bob Fugett


 Sugar Loaf, NY 10981


Updated Jan 21, 2016 | By Bob Fugett

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How is the new album coming along?

The holdup is with control surfaces and speed of interaction.

Up to the point of finalizing my newest monitoring environment things were looking pretty good, until I realized the immediacy of interaction with performance variables that I enjoyed in my previous studio is the one thing missing from the current generation of computer based sound controls.

Things sound great and access to sound shaping modules is beyond my previous wildest dreams, but quick response immediately within hands reach control is now missing.

Manufacturers state latency specs as if any amount of latency at all is acceptable.

Go hit a piano key and see if you have to wait for the tone.

It is similar to having moved from a full computer keyboard and touch typing with ten fingers to texting on a small handheld device with thumbs alone.

Much slower and gets in the way of the creative process where excellence is the goal.

While waiting for the technology to catch-up to the point that will warrant a new album, I have been doing a lot of writing and establishing an improved publication process.


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