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The First Ever Commercial Release of All Original PC MIDI Music

Fugett Sound : the music and of Bob Fugett


 Sugar Loaf, NY 10981


Updated Dec 16, 2016 | By Bob Fugett

    Attic Studio

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Testing 1...2...test, test...

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Hitting It With the BIGGER Hammer

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This photo was taken 07/13/04. It shows a partial view of the finalized combination of 12", 4", and 2" Auralex foam wedges. Behind the speakers is a false wall which supports the 12" Venus Bass Traps thus hiding a number of LENRD Bass Traps and extra 2" wedges further behind. Also now on the ceiling are 4" wedges back to the mix position.

On the right side of the desktop is a switch I fabricated to provide A, B and A-B comparison monitoring of reference music CD's. The A+B (mono) comparison, along with quickly checking mixes at various volumes, is handled thru the RME Multiface control software on the laptop not shown.

Just out of the photo are a complement of T-Diffusers that help provide the flat response shown on the 1/12 octave FFT green display of the Terrasonde AudioToolbox. The diffusers help the room retain a natural sound, not too dry.

This room was tuned by a combination of electronic testing using the Terrasonde along with careful "ear-balling." Half way through the process I realized the process was just like carefully tuning an immense acoustic guitar from the inside.

The combination of room treatment and HD-1 speakers are now close to as flat as specs given for high-end speakers in a laboratory setting, and the room is now ready for critical listening. I have moved on to in depth learning of Cubase SX and various VST instruments. This week I finished setting levels throughout the production chain and am up to speed with the basics of the recording software.

Links to purchase points for equipment shown above

Meyer Sound Laboratories HD-1 Studio Monitors
Apogee Mini-DAC
Sony CDP-D12 CD player
Grace Design 901 Headphone Amp
Sennheiser HD600 Headphones
Terrasonde AudioToolbox Plus

Galaxy Audio CM-150 SPL Meter
Auralex Studio Foam & Bass Traps

Three Pole Double Throw (3PDT) Switch in fabricated box

Equipment not shown

Dell M60 Laptop
RME Multiface and Cardbus


Other production tools are Cubase SX, WaveLab and a number of VST instruments. I just finished confirming a dozen or so of these instruments and plug-ins sound good and work well together. That list is forthcoming, but right now I am deep into choosing, testing and setup of the reference monitors. It is a wild loping artistic process that rests on, and is complicated by, the necessity of knowing a great deal about acoustics, psychoacoustics, computer technology, composition and music performance. The process would be severely shunted by documenting it on the fly.

But I can say, my current pet peeve with google searches are how often returned links lead only to repeats of the same commercial content with no actual information. You know the story: thousands of instances of a product's name on every sales site in the universe but including only copy/paste or web service inclusion of xml brochure information--information that, if not downright misleading, only scratches the surface.

Ironically when I tried to purchase the Meyer Sound HD-1 speakers shown above (a decision made years ago with the help of Danny Littwin), I spent several months tracking down a source. I had gotten to the point of believing they were no longer being made. Therefore, to save others the effort of figuring out where this stuff came from, the equipment list above provides links to where each item was purchased.

CAVEAT: Recently nasty spyware has kept returning to my computer from parts unkown, so I prefer to phone or visit, rather than purchase online.

Nobody pays me for putting these links here. I am not selling anybody's product for them. I am just selling my music and making sure it is the best it can be. End of story.




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